Civil Disputes

Russell Byrnes offers a comprehensive range of legal services related to civil disputes. An experienced solicitor from Russell Byrnes will help you achieve your desired outcome.

Where expectations are unattainable, our lawyers will advise you on this prior to commencing unnecessary and possibly expensive legal proceedings. Our team is experienced in matters concerning civil disputes and is able to supply you professional advice to resolve disputes.

We are conveniently located in Surry Hills and are also able to visit you if required. We will generally offer a free initial consultation for up to 30 minutes. Call us to discuss how we can help you.

Not all wrongdoing in society is dealt with by the police. Civil disputes concern matters that are not criminal.

Examples of disagreements that may fall under a civil dispute include:

  • A disagreement with a service provider (such as an electrician or plumber)
  • Arguments between neighbours
  • Persons or business you have done business with
  • A party involved in a car crash
  • A person that owes you money

Typically, by the time you are thinking of engaging a lawyer your relationship with the other party has broken down.

At Russell Byrnes our goal is to see the settlement of your matter in an amicable manner.

We have a strong reputation for giving our clients practical and sound legal advice.

Sometimes an amicable settlement cannot be reached. In these circumstances litigation becomes inevitable. Throughout the process our lawyers will advise you if your case is worthwhile to bring to court.

We can assist you by:

  • Bringing action against people that owe you money and defending against wrong actions for collection of monies owed
  • Defending against or suing for breached contracts
  • Drafting legal documents for you.

When should you act?

If someone has brought legal proceedings against you then we recommend you engage a lawyer as soon as possible. Ignoring legal issues may result in damage to your reputation, perhaps resulting in a judgement being made against you without your involvement. Engaging Russell Byrnes will give you confidence to know you are being properly advised.

If you engage in a dispute that seems to be beyond resolution then it may also be time to engage our services.

We can use the law to bring seriousness to your concerns and then help to resolve them in a satisfactory manner.

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