• Adam

  • Adam Byrnes

    Lawyer and registered migration agent
    MARN: 1792636
    Education Agent QEAC number: N200

    Adam is passionate about immigration law.

    The firm’s immigration legal matters including visa applications, refusals and cancellations are overseen by Adam.

    Adam first worked in the practice back in 2001 while he was a law student at the University of Sydney.

    Adam’s legal career was interrupted with a successful professional rugby union career which saw him play for teams including the QLD Reds, Melbourne Rebels and Leinster. He also played in the 2011 Rugby World Cup for Russia, qualifying through his Mother’s heritage.

    While a professional sportsman, Adam completed tertiary education courses including a diploma of Business Management, a diploma of Business Mastery and a Real Estate agents course.

    After retiring from rugby in 2013, Adam completed his law studies and is a lawyer.

    In addition, he has completed a university Graduate Certificate in migration law which has given him good insight and an understanding of the ever-changing Australian migration legal system.

    Our immigration law matters operate under the Opening Australia business name.