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    Times have changed and marriage is not always forever anymore.

    Russell Byrnes offers professional and personalised family law services and advice.

    We know that in these times certainly is particularly important and will seek to give you this wherever possible. Our team is highly experienced in family matters and is able to give you reliable advice.
    Our lawyers are conveniently located in the heart of Sydney (Surry Hills) and are also able to come to you if you prefer this.

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Can you tell me about the Russell Byrnes approach to family law?

Assistance can be given with matters related to divorce, separation, custody disputes and property settlement. In all these matters we attempt to take a practical approach that pushes for prompt settlement of disputes.

Our expertise brings more than just knowledge of the law. Russell Byrnes takes an experienced but personal approach to helping you to resolve your family law disputes.

We attempt to bring to our clients an understanding of this difficult time.

We can help minimise the stress of this difficult time by giving you reliable advice and explain to you the likely outcomes of particular routes.

How can you help me?

Russell Byrnes family law solicitor can provide you with advice on issues including:

  • Binding financial agreements
  • Creation of prenuptial agreements
  • The legal consequences of separation
  • Legal proceedings for divorce
  • Consent order and/or parenting plans
  • Legal advice for de facto relationship

At Russell Byrnes lawyers we aim to secure our clients an equitable solution that takes into account current legal practices.