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  • Contesting a Will


    Once a will is made and the maker of the will is deceased, the executor of the will needs to apply for probate. Probate means that the will is recognised by the NSW Supreme Court, and is now a legal document. However a will does not become automatically validated by the courts. It needs to […]

  • Parenting Disputes


    Options for dealing with disputes with my partner about arrangements for my children. Parents may have conflicting opinions as to what are in the best interests of their children. In order to have clarity, we recommend that parents choose to either create a Parenting Plan or to apply to the court for Consent Orders. Parenting […]

  • What to do after a Car Accident?


    As a driver involved in a motor vehicle accident, you have legal obligations that are covered by the Road Rules 2008 NSW. Exchange Information The driver of a vehicle involved in a crash must give particulars to other drivers involved in the crash, anyone else that was injured in the crash and the owner of […]